3D Bioprinting In Tissue And Organ Regeneration


3D Bioprinting in Tissue and Organ Regeneration covers state-of-the-art advances and applications in bioprinting. Beginning with an introduction that considers techniques, bioinks and construct design, the authors then move onto a detailed review of applications of bioprinting in different biomedical fields (skin, cartilage, bone, vascularized tissue, etc.). This is followed by a chapter overview of intraoperative bioprinting, which is widely considered one of the important future trends in this area. Finally, the authors tackle ethical and regulation concerns regarding the utilization of bioprinting.The book is written by three global experts for an audience of students and professionals with some basic knowledge of bioprinting, but who seek a deeper understanding of the biomedical applications involved in bioprinting. Introduces readers to bioprinting modalities, as well as pre-bioprinting, bioprinting and post-bioprinting procedures Focuses on biomedical applications used in bioprinting in chapters specific to skin, cartilage, bone and vascularized tissue Provides readers with original ideas from engineering and clinical points-of-view that are based on the authors’ extensive experience in this field, as well as the possibilities of future translation of bioprinting technologies from bench to bedside
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