Advanced Physiology And Pathophysiology: Essentials For Clinical Practice, 2ed

By Nancy Tkacs PhD RN, Linda Herrmann PhD RN ACHPN AGACNP-BC GNP-BC FAANP

2020 AJN Book-of-the-Year Award Winner: Advanced Practice Nursing!

Concise and well-organized, this advanced physiology and pathophysiology text promotes deep understanding of key pathophysiological concepts and relates them to major disorders commonly seen in practice. It is distinguished by its stellar organization and writing that clarifies difficult-to-understand disease mechanisms. The second edition offers several new features that add to its value in preparing the student clinician to care for patients with a broad variety of disorders effectively. The second edition retains the inclusive language and conceptual organization central to the appeal and usefulness of the first edition. Coverage of new scientific advances update the original disease descriptions.

With the aim of preparing students to be well-informed and confident decision makers in primary care settings, the text provides the key knowledge required to master pharmacology for prescriptive practice. Addressing both healthy organ function and disease-associated changes, it details and illustrates the cellular structure and function of each organ system and mechanisms of associated major clinical disorders. It examines the reasons patients often present with particular symptoms, the rationale for ordering specific diagnostic tests and interpretation of the results, and common management strategies that proceed from the underlying pathology. The text is replete with case presentations to illustrate concepts, over 500 images, key points at the end of each chapter to reinforce knowledge, and a glossary defining correct terminology. Comprehensive instructor resources accompany the text. Purchase includes online access via most mobile devices or computers

New to the Second Edition:

  • Standardized template for pediatric and gerontology content for clarity
  • Expanded coverage of neonatal and pediatric development and vulnerabilities
  • Methylation patterns of cell-free DNA (epigenetics) in oncology practice
  • Expanded coverage of fluid and electrolyte balance
  • Physiology of pregnancy, labor, and delivery
  • Increased content on the social determinants of health
  • Introduction of the exposome concept in human disease
  • New content on biological and psychosocial aspects of human sexual development and variations relevant to LGBTQ+ centered care
  • COVID-19-related concerns

Key Features:

  • Includes comprehensive lifespan considerations with key insights from specialists in pediatric and geriatric pathophysiology
  • Integrates critical thinking questions and case studies to promote discussion and information synthesis
  • Provides unique Bridge to Clinical Practice in each chapter to translate science to practical patient care
  • Includes more than 500 images to illustrate complex scientific concepts
  • Summarizes content with key points at the end of each chapter

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