Advanced Vaccination Technologies For Infectious And Chronic Diseases: A Guide To Vaccinology

By Vasso Apostolopoulos, Lalitkumar K. Vora, Vivek P. Chavda

The role of vaccines is emerging and even critical to ending infectious and chronic diseases and pandemics alike. The design and development of new vaccines could lead to improved health.

Handbook on Advanced Vaccination Technologies for Infectious and Chronic Disease discusses these new developments and introduces the reader to the current state of the science and the outlook going forward from the discovery of vaccines to the clinical trials of personalized vaccines.

Handbook on Advanced Vaccination Technologies for Infectious and Chronic Diseases is a valuable reference for occupational health professionals whose role involves supervision of immunization programs such as those working in the National Health Service, some sectors of higher education and the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Offers comprehensive coverage of different vaccine platforms and their development
  • Includes information on the regulatory perspective of vaccine development
  • Describes different delivery approaches for vaccinology
  • Explains the clinical development of vaccines along with novel platforms
  • Covers all recent developments of vaccine production technologies, new types of vaccines, and ongoing research that could prevent future pandemics

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