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Higee Chemical Reaction Engineering systematically discusses the fundamentals, principles and methods of molecular mixing and reaction process intensification. The book demonstrates in detail the implementation approach, process and effectiveness of Higee chemical reaction engineering through novel industrial case studies that help industrial technicians to select reaction intensification technology route more scientifically.

The book covers the innovation and development process of Higee chemical reaction engineering, hydrodynamics behavior in Higee reactors, equipment design principles and methods, multiphase reaction of liquid-liquid, gas-liquid, gas-solid, gas-liquid-solid and reactive crystallization process intensification principles and effectiveness. It also prospects the future development direction and hot application fields of Higee chemical reaction process intensification.


Higee Chemical Reaction Engineering is a systematic summary of several national award and key projects, such as the State Technological Innovation Award, State Science and Technology Advancement Award, National Natural Science Foundation of China, National key R&D Program of China, National ‘‘863’’ Program of China, National ‘‘973’’ Program of China and also some international cooperation.

Handles high gravity process intensification technologyCovers theoretical innovation in multiphase reaction intensified by high gravityPresents engineering application cases in chemical engineering, materials science, ocean engineering, and environmental engineeringProvides systematic understanding of high gravity process intensification through theories and industrial applications

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