An Outline Of Office-Based Bladder And Prostate Biopsy Pathology

by David Y. Zhang (Author)
This book is intended for urologists and pathologists who practice in an office setting. In this setting, bladder and prostate diseases are most commonly encountered. Therefore, bladder and prostate biopsy and urine cytology specimens are frequently obtained by urologists, which require pathologists’ assistance to interpret. In the office setting, communication between urologists and pathologists becomes feasible, which is paramount for accurate diagnosis and better patient management. For this purpose, this book includes clinically relevant information for pathologists, concise pathology terminology, and diagnostic tests for urologists.

This book describes the common clinical and pathological entities, and is written in a bullet format for easy and quick reference. For visual review, over 150 diagrams, histologic images, and other images are included. The first and second chapters describe bladder and prostate diseases, focusing on clinical-pathological correlation. Therefore, this book is also useful for pathology and urology residents in training, in preparation for board examination(s), or as a refresher reference for recertification. The third chapter is dedicated to office-based pathology laboratory services, which outlines laboratory instrumentation, procedures, and regulatory requirements. 

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