Antimalarial Medicinal Plants (Exploring Medicinal Plants)

By Azamal Husen

Malaria continues to affect a large population of the world, especially in third world countries. The spread of drug-resistant parasites demonstrates the need for antimalarial agents with various modes of action. The search for remedies derived from medicinal plants for the treatment of malaria is reliant on accurate ethnobotanical and ethnopharmacological information obtained from traditional medical practitioners. Antimalarial Medicinal Plants provides information on bioactive compounds and therapeutic potentials of several antimalarial plant species found around the globe. This book evaluates these plant species with respect to their biology, diversity, distribution, and pharmacological values.

A volume in the Exploring Medicinal Plants series, this book highlights trends, technologies, processes, and services important to and necessary for efficient production, use, and understanding of medicinal qualities of antimalarial plants. It critically examines claims made by traditional medical practitioners with scientific validations for safe herbal drug formulation. It is a reference work for researchers of herbal medicine, traditional healers, pharmacists, and students associated with plant sciences and economic botany.

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