Atlas Of Endoscopic Laryngeal Surgery

By Robert T Sataloff, Farhad Chowdhury, Shruti Joglekar, Mary J Hawkshaw

The Atlas of Endoscopic Laryngeal Surgery depicts general overview of various aspects of voice surgery, as well as previously unpublished intraoperative photographs. Basic Principles and procedures provides a brief introduction to the evolution of phonomicrosurgery, and contains practical guidelines on patient selection, evaluation and treatment, informed consent, anesthesia for voice surgery, selection of instrumentation and postoperative care, as well as other subjects. Benign structural lesions offers information on the nature of nodules, cysts, polyps and other structural abnormalities and provides detailed descriptions of surgical techniques and intraoperative photographs to guide the surgeon interested in performing such procedures. Premalignant and Malignant lesions of the Larynx is primarily limited to endoscopic surgery. Neurogenic disorders include not only endoscopic surgery, but also information about laryngeal framework surgery to treat motion disorders of the larynx. Laryngeal trauma also focuses primarily on endoscopic management, the primary mission of this atlas, although the chapter on Laryngotracheal trauma provides an overview of relevant external procedures as well.

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