Atlas Of Genodermatoses 3e

By Gianluca Tadini, Michela Brena, Francesca Besagni, Lidia Pezzani

Genodermatoses are often considered rare diseases seldom seen by practicing clinicians, but as a result, professionals often have little experience or confidence with their diagnosis when they are called upon for a clinical case.

This text presents a comprehensive illustrated overview of almost 200 inherited diseases of the skin, hair, and nails. Examples have been expanded, with new images added to provide clear examples, alongside coherent and comprehensive explanations to enable clinicians to easily identify and source relevant information. This resource encompasses a varied range of skin diseases, providing accessible and in-depth information to help familiarise clinicians. The entry for each disease provides background, followed by common characterisations, manifestations, laboratory findings, genetics, cutaneous and extracutaneous findings, differential diagnosis, an overview of complications and recommended follow-ups.

Authored by dermatologists and geneticists, this is an atlas of scientific research which updates established information with current studies and references. In its third edition, this text becomes an invaluable resource for dermatologists and pediatricians.

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