Atlas Of Interventional Electrophysiology

By Tung Roderick (Author)

Immerse yourself into the mesmerizing world of cardiac electrophysiology with this groundbreaking atlas crafted by a trio of internationally recognized cardiologists, researchers, and educators.

Embark on a visually enriching journey through the intricate landscape of the human heart, where structural and functional concepts converge to refine the practice of interventional cardiac electrophysiology. The authors seamlessly integrate a profound appreciation for the heart’s artistic form and structure with imaging modalities that include fluoroscopy, intracardiac echo, 3D electroanatomic mapping, and original schematics by Dr. Wallace McAlpine, providing readers with an unparalleled and pragmatic viewpoint.

This intricately designed atlas offers a guided tour into the heart, following the natural flow of blood and pausing at key clinical spotlights. Here, the importance of regional anatomy becomes evident, guiding both the safety and success of procedures. By understanding the nuances of regional anatomy, practitioners gain insight into innovative pathways to access even the most challenging regions within the heart.

But this book is more than just a medical atlas—it is a work of art in its own right.

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