Brody’s Human Pharmacology, 7th Edition

By Lynn Wecker PhD, Susan L. Ingram PhD

Brody’s Human Pharmacology is a well-established and much-loved textbook that guides students of medicine, pharmacology and other health professions through pharmacology from both basic and clinical perspectives.

What can be a very difficult and complex topic is divided into easily digestible chapters, each of which is clearly structured from a therapeutic overview to mechanisms of action, relationships to clinical responses, pharmacokinetics, pharmacovigilance, new developments, and clinical relevance for all health professionals.

  • Contains all the essential aspects of pharmacology – suitable for exam preparation
  • Full color illustrations explain important processes and color-coded boxes enhance understanding
  • Therapeutic overviews, clinical problems and trade names – everything you need to know
  • Self-assessment questions and further reading to reinforce learning
  • Current developments for each class of drugs and how information relates to students in the healthcare professions bring learning to life
  • Updated content throughout
  • Pharmacodynamics chapter revised to include discussions of positive and negative allosteric modulators, as well as biased agonism
  • Pharmacogenetics chapter considers genetic variations and their relationship to drug responses
  • Section on cancer drugs revised to reflect major advances
  • New chapter on immunological and cell-based therapies

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