Cardiac Imaging in Structural Heart Disease Interventions: A Textbook for the Heart Team 2024th Edition

by Anita M. Kelsey

This textbook provides an invaluable resource for multidisciplinary medical professionals performing structural heart interventions. Chapters contain clear, easy-to-follow guidance on the use of multi-modality imaging and clinical decision-making. Detailed information is given on intraprocedural monitoring and post-procedural evaluation for successful therapeutic intervention. The use of cardiac imaging technologies including three-dimensional echocardiography, cardiac computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are presented with images, illustrations, and video material, along with learning objectives, imaging pearls, and key points to reinforce the key concepts described, facilitating a deep understanding of the value of cardiac imaging in line with the latest guidelines.

Cardiac Imaging in Structural Heart Disease:A Textbook for the Heart Team comprehensively discusses the use of the latest methodologies and technologies available in this field of medicine. This Springer Nature Flashcard augmented book is an essential resource for all members of the structural heart team including adult and pediatric cardiologists, anesthesiologists, cardiac sonographers, radiologists and cardiovascular technologists.

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