Clinical Cases in Neurology (In Clinical Practice) Second Edition 2024

This new second edition presents a completely new selection of 25 scenarios based on cases from the personal archive of Ondrej Dolezal, collected over 20 years of clinical practice. With a simple and uniquely innovative approach, this book offers a natural workflow through the chapter structure, helping junior doctors to gain confidence in reaching their clinical diagnosis. A range of different clinical scenarios and neurological conditions are examined, from cerebal palsy and other degenerative disorders, to epilepsy and headache.

This book can serve as a teaching aid in a classroom setting, where the teacher introduces the case (“telling the story”, neurological examination) and the students then propose differential diagnoses and further tests. The teacher can show a representative test result to students and expect them to interpret the scan/test, as well as proposing further referrals and discussing the prognosis. Each chapter, contains visual aids in the form of Neuroexam, helping the reader gain a quick understanding of the case.

Scenarios presented in this book can be used at the bedside in teaching medical students and junior doctors, and it is aimed at trainee neurologists and any non-neurologists who might encounter neurological cases in the clinic.

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