Complications of Cancer Therapy: Best Practices in Prevention and Management

by Kanika Sood Sharma

This book covers the diverse complications noted in medical, radiation, surgical and pediatric oncology. The various chapters target the common complications that the clinicians encompass in the practice day in and day out. It assists in identifying/ stratification the patients at higher risk of complications so that they may be offered alternative options or get a de-intensified treatment. It also covers the determinants/predictors-clinical alarm signs or the safety flags associated with specific high-risk procedures. The chapters are designed to offer a preventive strategy to reduce the incidence of complications, such as the early introduction of corrective measures, supportive care measures, and refining the procedure in case of anticipated risk of certain complications. The manual addresses the management strategies of complications and will propose a formulation of treatment policies as per the severity of the disease. Manual includes discussion on evidence-based treatment strategies and recent advances in management. It consists of a summarized algorithm on leadership based on guidelines (if available). Since it is a multimodality approach-based book, it is an exciting read to the students and the practitioners of medical, surgical, radiation, and nursing. It addresses the disclosure of complications and the medicolegally correct way of taking consent for complications.

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