Contemporary Management Of Acute And Chronic Venous Disease

By Juan Carlos Jimenez, Samuel Eric Wilson

With a focus on evidence-based, contemporary, and clinically relevant information, this practical new resource provides a concise, clinical, and techniques-focused guide to the medical, endovenous, and surgical management of patients with acute and chronic venous disease.

Internationally recognized chapter authors cover the general principles of the pathophysiology, diagnosis, indications, and decision-making around the management of acute and chronic venous disease. The text emphasizes endovenous and surgical techniques where applicable, and also addresses symptomatic peripheral venous insufficiency, deep venous thrombosis, and the care of patients with symptomatic central venous disease.

Vascular surgeons will find this a valuable guide, providing insights into key techniques and approaches to the treatment of acute and chronic venous disorders. This book is an invaluable resource for vascular trainees preparing for examinations and for physicians in other specialities looking to expand their knowledge base.

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