Current Molecular Targets Of Heterocyclic Compounds For Cancer Therapy

By Vivek Asati PhD, Ankur Vaidya PhD.

Current Molecular Targets of Heterocyclic Compounds for Cancer Therapy discusses recently developed treatments based on molecular targets which are genetically altered in cancer cells and are essential for tumor development and survival. Considerable research effort has been devoted to the development of targeted drugs that inhibit the action of pathogenic kinases, and clinical studies performed so far have validated the positive effects of kinase inhibitors for cancer treatment. Each chapter discusses a molecular target, such as ALK2, ATR, CK, Src-Abl, EGFR, Fyn-Blk-Lyn, IGFs, and PAK1. The book’s chapters are written by experts who actively work on the targets to help readers fully understand how they can be used. This is a valuable resource for cancer researchers, oncologists, graduate students and members of the biomedical field who are interested in the potential of novel cancer therapies based on molecular targets.

  • Discusses recently discovered molecular targets for cancer therapy
  • Brings updated literature of heterocyclic compounds, an important construction motif for the development of new anticancer drugs
  • Encompasses comprehensive compilation of recently introduced anticancer drugs in the market and their health outcomes and pharmacoeconomics

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