Diagnosis And Treatment Of Osteoporosis: A Case-Based Approach

By Ronald C. Hamdy
Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoporosis: A Case-Based Approach is a practical guide that will be useful to a wide range of practicing and in-training clinicians, including physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. With its clinical case and scenario-based approach, readers can quickly decide which clinical problem to address such as the management of osteoporosis of a particular clinical problem (Atypical femoral shaft fractures, Glucocorticoids and bone health, etc.). Each chapter is self-contained with a list of objectives at the beginning and a presentation of clinical cases that encourages self-learning to non-specialized clinical staff. This book is easily accessible to non-specialists, allowing any healthcare provider to learn how to diagnose and manage osteoporosis in the context of their practice.

  • Includes key points at the end of each chapter to provide a succinct summary of each clinical issue
  • Provides multiple-choice questions as an interesting way of testing one’s knowledge on the particular issue discussed in the chapter
  • Presents tables and diagrams to elucidate the knowledge outlined in the chapter
  • Devotes a section to therapeutics and an analysis of the results of pivotal and key studies listed in a comparable visual format


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