Difficult Airway Management: Case Studies

By Ambreen Yasin, Carl Groves, Aleksandra Reszka
Patients with difficult airways represent a clinical conundrum for anaesthetists. With a wide variety of presentations in both an elective and emergency setting, all anaesthetists need to be prepared to manage such a situation. This book consists of real-life clinical scenarios, describing how these were managed at the time and on reflection how their management could have been improved. Further discussion emphasises how any associated failures and complications could have been mitigated. Using a combination of up-to-date knowledge, advanced technology and clinical expertise, this book provides an invaluable resource for any specialist managing airways in a clinical environment. This book is an indispensable aide-mémoire for postgraduate doctors, physicians practising in the emergency department, intensive care specialists, anaesthesia associates and allied healthcare professionals in managing patients with a difficult airway.

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