Digital Radiography In Practice

Medical radiography programs will appreciate having an economical textbook that focuses on the practical aspects of digital radiography. Nearly all textbooks to date claiming the title “digital radiography” have dealt primarily with the managerial aspects of the topic at the expense of any practical information on how digital imaging works and its clinical implications for the daily practice of radiography. The goal of this book is to provide an accurate and adequate description of all the aspects of digital images and digital equipment, and their implications for radiographic technique and clinical application in a student-friendly way by providing crisp, clear illustrations along with readable text. Many of the lucid illustrations in this textbook are from the author’s comprehensive textbook, Radiography in the Digital Age (Charles C Thomas, 2018), to make digital radiography comprehensible to the student, but in this book the focus is only on digital topics and the facts are stated with such brief explanatory material as each topic will allow. Many digital topics are intimidating, and every attempt is made to reduce these topics to a descriptive, non-mathematical level that can be intuitively understood by the average student. A helpful glossary is included whenever a concise definition is needed for a particular term.

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