Echocardiography Illustrated: Ultrasound Physics: B-Mode Echocardiography and Introduction to Doppler (Echocardiograhy Illustrated)

By Bernard E Bulwer M.D.

Volume 10 in the Echocardiography Illustrated series—Ultrasound Physics: B-Mode Echocardiography with Introduction to Doppler, presents a highly-visual summary of the basic physics of ultrasound and instrumentation involved in “Brightness-Mode” or B-Mode (Gray scale) anatomical imaging and Doppler Echocardiography. This book is an illustrated treatise of ultrasound physics, using cardiac ultrasonography (echocardiography) as its primary focus. Understanding the fundamental concepts of ultrasound physics as it pertains to the heart, stretches the versatility and boundaries of ultrasound and Doppler physics—harnessing the full range and power of diagnostic ultrasound technology. Therefore, if you understand the intricacies of cardiac ultrasound physics, you’ll understand general ultrasound physics, and much more. This volume presents more than just information required to pass board and registry examinations, it graphically nails down the fundamental principles and concepts with visual clarity, thereby facilitating greater grasp and understanding of the foundations of diagnostic medical sonography.By demystifying ultrasound physics, it is my hope that the reader can confidently appreciate and even enjoy the essence of this fascinating technology, whether in practice, or when confronting examination questions with confidence—instead of fear and bewilderment.I trust that this volume will simplify, clarify, and hopefully delight all who harness the power of this transformative technology. CONTENTS:1. Overview of Ultrasound Physics in B-Mode Echocardiography 2. The Fundamental Properties of Ultrasound3. Pulse-Echo Imaging: The Basis for Constructing the B-Mode Image4. Interaction of Ultrasound with Tissues5. Acoustic Energy Output: Pressure, Power, Intensity, and Bio-Safety6. Attenuation, Absorption, and Attenuation Correction7. Transducer Instrumentation and Operation8. B-Mode Signal Processing and Instrumentation9. Additional B-Mode Image Optimization Techniques10. Ultrasound Artifacts11. Introduction to Doppler Echocardiography