El Khoury’s Textbook of Aortic Valve Repair

by Hunaid A. Vohra

“The adoption of aortic valve repair is exponentially increasing, and patients and cardiologists are demanding this with more enthusiasm. This is a current subject of great interest, and contemporary results are already present, and more are awaited. Thebook ‘ElKhoury’s Textbook of Aortic Valve Repair’ describes the whole journey through the set-up of an aortic valve repair program, pertinent investigations, patient selection, different approaches, cardio-pulmonary bypass, re-operations, and its application with combined surgery. This book is directed to all training cardiac surgeons and cardiologists, consultant cardiac surgeons and cardiologists, anaesthetists, intensive care specialists and perfusionists. This is the first book authored exclusively on this subject. The 3 editors (esp Prof ElKhoury) are leading authorities on this subject in the world and are mentors for many surgical programs. Every chapter is authored by champions in the particular aspect of aortic valve repair surgery. These are mainly from USA and Europe”–

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