Emergency Capnography

BY Hugh Greenbaum

This portable and practical pocket guide explains how capnography works both physiologically and electronically and helps clinical staff to apply the tool promptly and correctly, and to interpret appropriately the numeric and graphic displays, providing vital information when viewed in the context of the patient’s clinical presentation, history, and other diagnostic data that will improve and enhance care.

Initial chapters explain how to interpret the data displayed in the context of various conditions, and how the care provider may respond to that data. Later chapters provide partial differential diagnoses based on the displayed capnometry data, an algorithm for interpreting waveforms, and clinical scenarios to illustrate the application of capnography in emergency medical practice.

Ensuring that the value of capnography can be maximized to the benefit of patients, the book is an essential primer to capnography for those studying for and practicing within the emergency medical services, and a convenient reference for other emergency department personnel.

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