Evidence Based Medicine And Examination Skills: Translating Theory To Practice (In 3 Parts)

Neel Sharma (Author)

In spite of years of tuition and examination, newly qualified doctors are often left inadequately prepared for real-world clinical practice. The major concern is that ‘book knowledge’ gleaned at medical school does not always translate to safe and effective practical knowhow.

Based on the author’s many years of expertise as an educator globally, this book helps final-year students make the difficult transition to first-year doctors. Drawing on the latest evidence-based information, it focuses on aspects important to clinical practice in the areas of gastroenterology, cardiology and respiratory medicine such as differentials, investigations and management with full references provided throughout. Also detailed are examination skills; although not the routine form of how to examine but what to be thinking when asked to examine: what conditions should be prevalent in a doctor’s mind? And how can these conclusions be reached before even seeing the patient? Practical knowledge like this defines an effective clinician.

Clear, concise and rigorous in its approach, these three volumes are indispensable companions to any new doctor in the above fields.

Readership: First year doctor in the fields of internal medicine: gastroenterology, respiratory, cardiology, neurology, nephrology and endocrinology.

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