Foundations Of Colorectal Cancer

By Alejandro Pazos Sierra

Foundations of Colorectal Cancer provides a holistic and comprehensive dive into colorectal cancer, discussing the contributions of each discipline that studies it, allowing its understanding from the most demographic and ethical facts, to the treatment process, its varieties and genetic background. Written by experts in diverse areas such as cancer research, oncology, genetics, biochemistry, psychology, social sciences, bioinformatics and palliative care, the book brings real-world experiences to help readers with any challenge they may face when dealing with patients or during their research workflow.

The content is split into nine sections: Clinical manifestations and disease detection, covering primary and secondary prevention, and the role of primary care; Diagnosis and staging, discussing endoscopy, colonoscopy, molecular pathology, and anatomopathological diagnosis; Treatment, including endoscopic, surgical, radiological, and postoperative approaches; Molecular and biological mechanisms, with the role of intestinal microbiota, stem cells and signaling pathways; New diagnostic methods, encompassing biomarkers and bioinformatics tools for research; Biobanks, with an overview of their regulations and importance in the research; Epidemiological studies, focusing on incidence and mortality globally and by regions; Hereditary colorectal cancer, differentiating nonpolyposis and polyposis types; and Addressing the consequences of colorectal cancer, covering psychological effects, nutrition and ethical issues.

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