From Current To Future Trends In Pharmaceutical Technology


From Current to Future Trends in Pharmaceutical Technology explores the current trends of this field and creates a multi-aspect framework for the reader. The book covers topics on pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical engineering, pre-formulation protocols, techniques, innovative excipients, bio-printing techniques, scale-up based on formulas on-a-chip, and regulatory aspects based on new scientific achievements. Modified dosage forms, new aspects on the compatibility of drug excipients interactions, and drug release by various dosage forms are included. Physical pharmacy (physical and biological stability of dosage forms), innovative excipients, patents on innovative formulations and regulatory issues related to the approval process of medicines are also discussed.

The book is a valuable resource for a wide audience of academics, industrial researchers and professionals working in this field as the development of efficient and safe medicines is critical to future needs.

Includes innovative excipients/advanced materials in pharmaceutics Covers modified release delivery platforms Explores new elements of drug development

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