Guyton & Hall Textbook Of Medical Physiology: A South Asian Edition

Guyton & Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology A South Asian Edition

John E. Hall (Author), Mario Vaz (Editor), Anura Kurpad (Editor), Tony Raj (Editor)


One of the most popular reference books in physiology, Textbook Of Medical Physiology: A South Asian Edition (Guyton & Hall) is designed in a manner that will meet the reference requirements of medical students, as well as the faculty. This book has been divided into 11 sections and in the beginning of each chapter the learning objectives are mentioned in a concise manner.

The first section deals with general physiology and covers aspects which revolve majorly around cells. The next section deals with muscle and nerve physiology. The third and the fourth sections deal with blood and constituents of blood, and cardiovascular physiology, respectively. The next section contains information about the physiology of respiration, while the sixth section covers gastrointestinal physiology. The seventh and eighth sections are devoted to explanation of concepts governing renal physiology and the endocrine system.

The ninth section of Textbook Of Medical Physiology: A South Asian Edition (Guyton & Hall) concerns itself with the physiology of reproduction. Concepts related to the central nervous system are covered in the tenth section of this book. The eleventh and final section deals with other miscellaneous topics which are not covered in rest of the ten sections. This first edition of this book was published by Elsevier in 2013, and it is available in paperback.

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