Handbook Of Oncobiology: From Basic To Clinical Sciences

By R. C. Sobti, Nirmal K. Ganguly, Rakesh Kumar

This Handbook on cancer biology comprehensively reviews the current status of the oncobiology of major cancer types, cancer detection and treatment strategies, principles and processes of cancer drug development, and nanomedicine and other emerging cancer medicine applications to cancer diagnosis and treatment. The book also provides practical and implementable nutritional guidance in cancer prevention, treatment, and quality of life for cancer survivors. It discusses pharmacogenetics strategies for predicting cancer prognosis and treatment exposure, response, and toxicity. Further, it presents bioinformatics approaches for predicting anti-cancer drugs and drug combinations based on the multi-omic data, including transcriptomics, toxicogenomics, functional genomics, and biological networks. The Handbook also examines major factors and pathways that regulate cancer stem cells development and discusses potential targeted therapy for cancer stem cells. The book explores the application of the CRISPR/Cas9-based gene-editing technique in basic cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. This Handbook is an invaluable source for oncologists, researchers, public health specialists, epidemiologists, and policy makers.‚Äč

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