Health Effects Of Indoor Air Pollution: Volume 2: Air Pollution, Human Health, And The Environment (Air Pollution, Adverse Effects, And Epidemiological Impact, 2)

By Mohammad Hadi Dehghani PhD, Rama Rao Karri, Teresa Vera, Salwa Kamal Mohamed Hassan PhD

Health Effects of Indoor Air Pollution, Volume Two, Air Pollution, Human Health, and the Environment is part of a three volume series. This volume covers the various classifications of indoor air pollutants and discusses the health impact of indoor pollutants, such as gaseous pollutants and particulate matter. It also examines epidemiological studies related to different air pollutants on health and the workplace. This book begins with an overview of classifications, sources, and occurrences of indoor air pollutants. It also examines the environmental and health impacts due to organic and inorganic air pollutants and how to mitigate them through exposure and risk management. Other sections explore “sick building syndrome,” which causes acute health and discomfort that appears to be linked to time spent in a building. Recent trends and control strategies for occupation exposure due to poor indoor air quality in industrial and nonindustrial workplaces to human health are also covered. This book is a valuable reference for academicians, researchers, and students in environmental health, public health, and occupational health, as well as environmental engineers, meteorologists, epidemiologists, medical researchers, and environmental toxicologists.

  • Reviews sources and occurrences of organic and inorganic air pollutants
  • Examines the health impact, such as “sick building syndrome,” and the effect of gaseous indoor pollutants and fine particulate matter on sensitive populations
  • Discusses indoor air quality and the link between ventilation, indoor air pollutants, and environmental quality

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