Human Body Anatomy – SimpleNeasyBook

Human Body Anatomy – simpleNeasyBook

By WAGmob

WAGmob brings you, Simple ‘n Easy, on-the-go learning book for “Human Body Anatomy”. The bite sized book helps you to understand the basics of “Human Body Anatomy”.

Only 101 introduction to “Human Body Anatomy” is provided via this book. The book provides snack sized, bite sized learning.

“Human Body Anatomy” includes tutorials on:

Anatomy Basics:

• Body Anatomy

• Building Blocks of Body

• Body Systems and Focus Areas

• Body Planes

• Body Directions

• Relative to the Front or Back

• Relative to the Head or Tail

• Relative to the Center of the Body

Tissues and its Types:

• Tissues

• Epithelial Tissue

• Types of Epithelial Tissue

• Connective Tissue

• Types of Connective Tissue

• Muscle Tissues

• Functions of Muscle Tissues

• Types of Muscle Tissues

• Nervous Tissues

• Types of Nervous Tissues

Cardiovascular System:

• Cardiovascular System

• Cardiovascular System (Circulatory system)

• Main functions of CVS

• System Components

• The Heart

• Blood Circulation

• Arteries

• Capillaries

• Veins

• Blood Pressure


Cardiovascular Illustrations:

• Cardiovascular Illustrations

Digestive System:

• Digestive System

• 7 steps in the Digestive Process

• Functions of the Digestive System

• Parts of the System

• Role of the Digestive Organs

• Phases of the Digestion Process


Endocrine System:

• Endocrine System

• Components of Endocrine System

• Role of the Endocrine System

• Hormones

• Hormone Classification

• Hormones: Negative Feedback Loop

• Hormones: Positive Feedback Loop

• Hypothalamus and Pituitary Glands

• Types of Glands

• Diseases

• Disease: Diabetes

Human Reproduction System:

• Human Reproduction System

• 7 steps for Human Reproduction

• Male Reproductive Organs

• Female Reproductive Organs

Integumentary System:

• Integumentary System

• The Integument

• Functions of Skin

• Epidermis

• Dermis

• Glands of the Skin

• Nails

• Hair

• Functions of Hair

Lymphatic System and Immune Systems:

• Lymphatic System

• Functions of the Lymphatic System

• Components of the Lymphatic System

• Organs of the Lymphatic System

• Immune System

• Immunity

• Defensive Barriers

• Types of Immunity

• Antibodies (B Cells)

• Lymphocyte: T Cells

• Memory Cells

• Blood Groups

• Autoimmune Disorders

• Immunization

Muscular System:

• Muscular System

• Functions of Muscles

• Types of Muscles

• Characteristics of Muscle Tissues

Nervous System:

• Nervous System

• Functions of the Nervous System

• Organization of the Nervous System

• Neurons

• The Nerve Cell

• The Brain

• The Spinal Cord

• Autonomic Nervous System

Respiratory System:

• The Respiratory System

• Functions of the Respiratory System

• Organs and Parts of the Respiratory System

• Types of Respiration

• Nose and its Components

• Pharynx

• Larynx

• Trachea, Bronchi, and Bronchioles

• Lungs

• Open and Closed Circuits.

• Rules for Series and Parallel Circuits.

Respiratory Illustrations

Bones and Body Cavities

Skeletal System

Urinary System

Body Planes

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