ISCCM Manual Of RRT And ECMO In ICU: A Reference Book For Practicing Intensivists, 2ed

By Rajesh Chandra Mishra, Kanwalpreet Sodhi, Vivek Gupta, KC Prakash

The topics were chosen to make the reader understand comprehensive management of therapies including organization, communication and other administrative issues including cost-effective therapies. This will help the practicing critical care physicians to understand the method of effective communication, systematic approach to patient requiring extracorporeal therapy and making robust decisions. The content has been simplified with the use of diagrams, highlighting boxes, tables, and flowcharts. The authors have vast experience in their field and have incorporated their practical experiences. The recent edition has been subdivided into various sections for easy understanding of the readers. The Take Home Messages at the end of each chapter can help in recalling the important points. The Multiple Choice Questions at the end of each section will be useful not only for examination preparation but also help in self-evaluation for any reader. Though this manual is not a replacement for a full textbook on the subject but this will provide informative summaries with practical solutions and will prepare the reader for comprehensive reading

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