Kaplan Step 2 CK Qbank – Updated March 2022

Study with 2,900+ questions, in-depth explanations, and high quality images–all in a test-like interface.


– Implemented features validated through student feedback

– New short answer explanations and strategy tab which walks the student through how to approach answering the question in a step-by-step manner

– Addition of images and/or tables to each explanation, a strategy section, and links to all 2100+ questions

– The QBank now contains >1,150 images and >1,800 tables

– Includes an algorithm created to support diagnostic reasoning skills


Our Qbank replicates the Step 2 CK exam to a T—format, questions and all. Streamline your studying with high quality images, strategies, and in-depth answer explanations. The icing on the cake? Qbank integrates with outside sources, so you can build on your knowledge with even more content.


2,900+ exam-like questions

– Interface that replicates the Step 2 CK

– Step-by-step strategies that help you think like a physician

– Detailed progressive reports that show you where to focus your time

– Strategy tab that breaks down how to work through a question

Expanded short answer explanations with easy-to-digest information

– Interactive 3D images you can rotate and label

– 2 full-length, realistic practice tests On-the-go access via newly updated Kaplan Medical mobile app

– 2,000+ images, tables, diagrams, and algorithms

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