Managing Pain In Children And Young People: A Clinical Guide, 3rd Edition

Master paediatric pain management with precision

This practical guide equips nurses and healthcare professionals with evidence-based skills to effectively manage children’s pain. Explore assessment techniques, pain relief strategies, and best practices for both hospital and community settings, with a focus on core knowledge, advanced insights, clinical scenarios, and practical tips.

The fully updated third edition includes an expanded procedural sedation section, enhanced coverage of capnography for respiratory monitoring, a new quality improvement sciences section, and additional online MCQs and self-assessment material.

Written by experienced authors, with contributions from global experts,¬†Managing Pain in Children and Young People¬†covers: Why pain prevention and treatment are crucial Pain’s biopsychosocial nature and pharmacology of analgesic drugs Acute nociceptive, neuropathic, and visceral pain management Chronic headaches, post-surgical pain, neonatal pain, and procedural pain Paediatric palliative care and pain management in low-income countries Drug-free pain relief methods and ethical considerations

With a multidisciplinary focus, this essential resource is tailored for healthcare practitioners working with children and young people; including doctors, nurses, psychologists, and physiotherapists. This essential resource empowers you to provide the best possible care for young patients, helping them find comfort and relief in their journey towards healing.