Mastering Difficult IV Access: A Practical Manual

By MD Admir Hadzic, MD Catherine Vandepitte, MSc Stien Beyens, PhD Jirka Cops, MSc Jill Vanhaeren, MSc Darren Jacobs

This IV MANUAL can literally change your professional life!Struggle with IV access? Discover the game-changing Manual on Difficult IV Access by Dr. Hadzic and the NYSORA team! Born from their viral IV techniques videos from NYSORA’s YouTube channel, this manual offers unparalleled real-world advice, secrets from anesthesiology experts, and practical techniques. Featuring over 400 photos in actual patients, step-by-step guides, and video tutorials via QR code, it’s your key to mastering IV access. While ultrasound guidance has been immensely helpful in securing an IV in patients with difficult IVs, nothing beats quick traditional IV access with a pair of experienced hands equipped with tips and tricks featured by pros in this Manual.This hands-on manual is packed with real-world advice that textbooks just don’t offer. Imagine having the secrets of anesthesiologists – the IV wizards – right at your fingertips. When everyone fails at tricky veins, it’s often the anesthesiologist who saves the day. This manual is written by experienced anesthesiologists who get called when no one else can get an IV. With their tips and techniques you can become that IV hero in any medical setting, whether it’s in the patient’s wards, ER, or OR, as a paramedic in the field, or as a phlebotomist.This IV Manual is not just an investment in your professional toolkit: it’s a game-changer for patient care. You can think of it: The one-time investment in this manual can revolutionize your professional life until the rest of your carrier! Get your copy today and transform your approach to IV access!

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