Mayo Clinic Medical Neurosciences: Organized By Neurologic System And Level

by Eduardo E. Benarroch (Author), Jeremy K. Cutsforth-Gregory (Author), Kelly D. Flemming (Author)

Fully updated and revised according to student feedback, the sixth edition of Mayo Clinic Medical Neurosciences: Organized by Neurologic System and Level provides a systematic approach to anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the nervous system inspired by the neurologist’s approach to solving clinical problems. This volume has 4 sections: 1) an overview of the neurosciences necessary for understanding anatomical localization and pathophysiologic characterization of neurologic disorders; 2) an approach to localizing lesions in the 7 longitudinal systems of the nervous system; 3) an approach to localizing lesions in the 4 horizontal levels of the nervous system; and 4) a collection of clinical problems. This book provides the neuroscience framework to support the neurologist in a clinical setting and is also a great resource for neurology and psychiatry board certifications. This is the perfect guide for all medical students and neurology, psychiatry, and physical medicine residents at early stages of training. 

New to This Edition
– A chapter devoted to multiple-choice questions for self-assessment
– Discussion of emerging concepts in molecular, cellular, and system neurosciences
– New chapters on emotion and consciousness systems
– Incorporation of new discoveries in neuroimaging and an appendix for tables of medications commonly used to treat neurologic disorders

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