Nanotechnology Based Advanced Medical Textiles And Biotextiles For Healthcare

By Prashansa Sharma, Devsuni Singh, Suman Pant, Vivek Dave

This book provides systematic coverage of research into medical and biotextiles based on nanomaterials as applicable in healthcare. Divided into three sections, it explains manufacturing, properties, types, and recent developments in nanotechnology based medical textiles backed by case studies. It includes a wide range of different clinical applications of biotextiles for healthcare including nanotextile scaffolds, nano-based artificial organs, surgical sutures, enzymatic assisted enhanced biotextiles, tissue engineering or drug delivery system via nanofibers, and so forth.


  • Provides strong and broad overview of medical applications in the field of nano and biotextiles.
  • Highlights different approaches, recent research, and emerging innovations.
  • Covers designing or developing nanomaterials based antiviral surface disinfectants with self-cleaning property.
  • Reviews different applications of nano based medical textiles such as deodorizing or pH control clothing for hygiene maintenance.
  • Includes the real-life applications based descriptive case studies that offer a diverse range of perspectives.

This book is aimed at researchers and graduate students in textile technology and engineering, and medical textiles.

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