Nasoseptal Perforations: Endoscopic Repair Techniques

by Isam Alobid (Editor), Paolo Castelnuovo (Editor)

This atlas offers a complete review of all endoscopic approaches available for the repair of nasoseptal perforations, following damage that may occur through trauma, infection, drug abuse, or as a result of endoscopic skull base surgery. Approaches are explained step by step using brilliant photographs from fresh cadaver dissections.

Key Features:

  • Internationally renowned specialists from Europe and the United States as editors and contributors
  • Full-color photos of fresh cadaver dissections illustrate all steps for each approach
  • Specific anatomic landmarks as revealed during each step are detailed, providing confidence in spatial orientation
  • Includes risks and potential complications as well as methods to reduce them
  • Videos of cadaver dissections and live surgery

Nasoseptal Perforations: Endoscopic Repair Techniques will be an important resource for residents, fellows, and surgeons in otolaryngology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and cranio-maxillofacial surgery.