Neonatal, Adult And Paediatric Safe Transfer And Retrieval: A Practical Approach To Transfers

Neonatal, Adult and Paediatric Safe Transfer and Retrieval is a new and vital instalment in the blended learning course from the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG), which aims to provide hospital staff at all levels with essential information on the inter- and intra-hospital transfer of both child and adult patients.


This essential manual covers the basics of mobile medicine, the elements of transfer, patient and team safety, and the practical and clinical considerations associated with the patient transfer process. Each chapter makes use of checklists, practical examples and content summaries to help readers understand and overcome the challenges of both adult and paediatric patient transfers.


  • Combines Paediatric and Neonatal Safe Transport and Retrieval (PaNSTaR) and the (Adult) Safe Transport and Retrieval (STaR) into a single volume (NAPSTaR)
  • Written and edited by an expert team of specialists from across the UK
  • Complements Advanced Paediatric Life Support and Prehospital Paediatric Life Support


Neonatal, Adult and Paediatric Safe Transfer and Retrieval is a must-have resource for doctors, nurses, paramedics and healthcare professionals involved in patient transfer and those in ALSG courses in patient transport.

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