Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation Manual PTRM

By Neha Thakur (Rai), Samir Misra

Introducing the first-ever Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation Manual for South-East Asia-an unrivalled resource by renowned faculty. We are thrilled to present the pioneering Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation Module, thoughtfully developed by the world’s leading faculty, with a keen focus on the unique epidemiology and demographics of injured children in South-East Asia. This comprehensive manual offers a systematic and organized approach to effectively managing pediatric trauma victims, featuring essential diagnostic and management algorithms, as well as visually informative aids. Covering all aspects of pediatric trauma and emergencies, this manual stands as the ultimate resource for Emergency Physicians entrusted with the care of injured children. Within its pages lies a definitive standard operating procedure for handling common pediatric injuries and resuscitation scenarios within the emergency department.

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