Phytopharmaceuticals And Herbal Drugs: Prospects And Safety Issues In The Delivery Of Natural Products


Phytopharmaceuticals and Herbal Drugs: Prospects and Safety Issues in the Delivery of Natural Products explores the delivery aspects of plant-based drugs, providing insights into formulation constraints associated with plant-based drugs, the development of novel delivery systems based on polymers or lipids, and how combining natural products with technological advancements in drug delivery is making large strides. Some of the best-selling drugs for the treatment of diseases like cancer, ulcers and malaria are either natural products or their derivatives, all of which are covered in this comprehensive resource.

This book will be useful to researchers working in plant-derived medicines and the development of their delivery systems, including sections on their derivatives and analogs that represent over 50% of all drugs in clinical use. Active ingredients originated from plant resources generally exhibit compromised desired effects limited by issues such as stability, solubility, molecular size, bioavailability and toxicity.

Includes perspectives from academic and industry research Provides information on the safety, regulatory aspects and clinical aspects related to plant-based drugs Introduces developments of new targeted drug delivery systems

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