Polymer-Drug Conjugates: Linker Chemistry, Protocols And Applications


Polymer-Drug Conjugates: Linker Chemistry, Protocols and Applications discusses important concepts, fundamentals and prospective applications of ‘Linker Chemistry’ in a clear-and-concise manner. The book provides vital information on chemical entities binding with the drug-polymer complex for targeted drug delivery systems. It highlights roles and significance, different classes and synthetic protocols as well as mechanisms of chemical bond formation in drug-polymer conjugation in drug delivery, also offering insights into the mechanism of polymer interaction with linker and drug molecules by biodegradable chemical bonding.

The protocol of binding with drug molecules is clearly explained and justified with case studies, helping researchers and advanced students in the pharmaceutical sciences understand fundamentals involved and related aspects in molecule designing for effective therapeutic benefits.

Covers mechanism, protocol and therapeutic significance of Polymer-Drug Conjugates Outlines updated methods and techniques to enumerate conjugation with related case studies Includes comprehensive compilation of marketed and clinical trial drugs conjugated with polymers or linkers

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