Practical Design And Applications Of Medical Devices


Practical Design and Applications of Medical Devices focuses on advanced medical device development featuring various biomedical instruments and their applications. The book focuses on devices which receive and transmit bioelectric signals, such as  electrocardiograph, electrodes, blood flow, blood pressure, physiological effects and, in some cases, current flowing through the human body.

A thorough guide for researchers and engineers in the field of biomedical and instrumentation engineering, this book presents a streamlined medical strategy for designing these medical devices, sensors, and tools.  It also promotes operational efficiency in the healthcare industry, with the goals of improving patient safety, lowering overall healthcare costs, broadening access to healthcare services, and improving accessibility.

Covers the fundamental principles of medical and biological instrumentation, as well as the typical features of its design and constructionProvides various methods of designing modern medical devicesFocuses on specific devices with detailed functions, applications, and how they measure and transmit data

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