PROLOG: Gynecology And Surgery, Ninth Edition

By American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists
PROLOG: Gynecology and Surgery, Ninth Edition, is the premier resource for staying up to date in this specialty area. Consisting of critique and assessment sections, PROLOG offers an effective, self-directed study experience for obstetrician– gynecologists and those in training. The content is current, relevant, and written and reviewed by experts in the field. Put your knowledge to the test and earn 25 CME credits with this volume. Upon completing PROLOG: Gynecology and Surgery, Ninth Edition, learners should be able to: • Establish a differential diagnosis and screen patients with appropriate diagnostic tests for specific gynecologic conditions. • Determine the appropriate medical management for specific gynecologic conditions in adolescents, adult women, and all people seeking obstetric and gynecologic care. • Identify appropriate surgical interventions for various gynecologic conditions and strategies to prevent and treat surgical complications. • Apply the concepts of anatomy, genetics, pathophysiology, and epidemiology to the understanding of diseases that affect adolescents, women and all people seeking obstetric and gynecologic care. • Counsel patients regarding treatment options and adjustment to crises that may alter their lifestyles. • Apply professional medical ethics and the understanding of medical– legal issues relative to the practice of gynecology. Order PROLOG: Gynecology and Surgery, Ninth Edition today! A complimentary, online study tool— PROLOG Games— is included with purchase of this print copy.

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