Quantitative Perfusion MRI: Techniques, Applications And Practical Considerations


Quantitative Perfusion MRI: Techniques, Applications, and Practical Considerations, Volume 11 clearly and carefully explains the basic theory and MRI techniques for quantifying perfusion non-invasively in deep tissue, covering all aspects of perfusion imaging, from acquisition requirements to selection of contrast agents and appropriate pharmacokinetic models and for reliable quantification in different diseases and tissue types. Specifically, this book enables the reader to understand what microvascular functional parameters can be measured with perfusion MRI, learn the basic techniques to measure perfusion in different organs, apply the appropriate perfusion MRI technique to the organ of interest, and much more.

This complete reference on quantitative perfusion MRI is highly suitable for both early and experienced researchers, graduate students and clinicians wishing to understand how quantitative perfusion MRI can apply to their application area of interest.

Provides a one-stop resource for students and early and experienced researchers on all aspects of quantitative perfusion MRI as written by experts in the fieldExplains basic theory and MRI techniquesPresents a strong focus on the practical considerations that can make or break perfusion MRIIncludes applications in oncology, cardiology, neurology and body imaging

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