Sayn Review Of Pharmacology E-Serotonin Winco Online Medical Book


All the praise for Almighty Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful, the ultimate source of knowledge and wisdom. We couldn’t have done this without the faith we have in You, The almighty God. All the praise to His Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), who enabled us to recognize our creator. We express our profound gratitude and gather all our human passion and feelings to offer thanks to all our respected teachers, whose cooperation in our study period is worth noting and will be asset for our future. We can’t remain without expressing our heartiest gratitude to our parents who made devotion to our studies and prayed for our success.
We are also thankful to Serotonin(A social media helping platform for medical students) for providing an opportunity to write this book for the help of students in easy learning and quick reviewing.
In this Edition of ‘Serotonin Pharmacology’ the subject matter has been revised and updated from LIPPONCOT PHARMACOLOGY, KATZUNG PHARMACOLOGY. The basic purpose is to present the pharmacological knowledge in a quick and understandable way.
In this book we have embedded University of health sciences all important and organized points from Lippincott Pharmacology and Katzung & Trevor’s Basic and clinical pharmacology, Lecture notes. We have also embedded Solved Past paper SEQs & MCQs, highlighted important points, Extracted the university important Pearls in the end of chapter, Some easy Mnemonics for easy learning and quick recalling. Some extracted drug of choices Antidotes and side effects are also been added at the end of the book.
We hope that this Book will enable the readers to easily comprehend the Pharmacological Knowledge, which has fundamental importance in understanding the other disciplines of medical sciences

YAN Review Of Pharmacology aimed at serving a commonly taught undergraduate or postgraduate module/subject or exams. This book is likely to be a strongly recommended Review book on a Reading list.

Key Features:

  • This book has mnemonics, easy classification charts, tips to remember, exam hints & favorites which makes it superior than any other book on pharmacology.
  • All important diagrams that help to remember this difficult subject.
  • Important and related points bridging from other subjects like physiology, biochemistry, anatomy and pathology are explained thoroughly.
  • Important points relating to the clinical aspects of medicine along with basic sciences are explained accordingly.
  • This book is made by combining different aspects of pharmacology for the students to easily memorize and remember all the important points and aspects to learn about the drugs without referring any other textbooks.
  • The book gives an aspect ranging from basic pharmacology (drug interactions) to mechanism, mode of actions, clinical uses, features of drugs along with their effects also major diseases and the pharmacological interventions.
  • Explanations and illustrations made simple and easily memorable for the clinically relevant and unique side effects, making it handy.