Smart Medical Imaging for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

by Nilanjan Dey

This book presents advanced research on smart health technologies, focusing on the innovative transformations in diagnosis and treatment planning using medical imaging and data analysed by data science techniques. It shows how smart health technologies leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics to provide more accurate and efficient diagnosis and treatment planning. In search for innovative and novel methods and techniques for health technologies and medical data processing, the book

• Discusses applications of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing;

• Includes use of electronic patient records in healthcare, analysis of big data in medical diagnosis, reliability, and challenges of EPR and EHR in smart healthcare;

• Explores evolving techniques for smart healthcare, its application in medical imaging and prediction in the fields of treatment planning;

• Provides recent studies in AI-driven healthcare technologies and medical imaging to outline insight into smart healthcare technologies;

• Discusses the role of big data in smart healthcare, computing techniques for healthcare for medical diagnosis and treatment planning;

• Encompasses the ethical and legal challenges of using smart healthcare and medical data.

This book serves as a valuable reference for researchers working on smart health technologies. Researchers of medical imaging, artificial intelligence, and data science along with healthcare domain will find it a great resource as well.

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