Surgical Anatomy And Exposures Of The Knee: A Surgical Atlas

By Bertram Zarins, Robert Śmigielski
In many medical schools, the teaching of anatomy has been reduced. Since most knee operations today are performed with the aid of an arthroscope, an orthopedic resident may infrequently be exposed to open knee surgery. Therefore, today’s orthopaedic surgeon may have inadequate knowledge of knee anatomy and little experience with open knee operations. However, in a typical orthopaedic practice, open knee surgery is still required, especially in trauma. This book is written to fill this knowledge gap.This anatomical and surgical atlas is different from other anatomy books in many respects. It is written for surgeons. Anatomical structures that are surgically important are emphasized, whereas those that have little clinical bearing are not stressed. Structures are shown in the position of the knee that surgery is typically performed, such as 90 degrees flexion for medial and lateral approaches. Plentiful high-resolution photographs and illustrations of meticulous new dissections are presented. New imaging techniques are used to demonstrate structures, such as MRI and high-resolution computed tomography. Structures are demonstrated at varying degrees of knee flexion, such as the patellofemoral articulation. Commonly used surgical exposures are clearly described and illustrated.Written by orthopaedic surgeons who have years of hands-on experience, Surgical Anatomy and Exposures of the Knee will be a tremendous resource to refresh knowledge of pertinent knee anatomy, plan a surgical exposure, and avoid complications of open knee surgery. Read less

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