Textbook of Clinical Neuroanatomy

by Vishram Singh

The fourth edition of this book is thoroughly updated in accordance with the competency-based curriculum of neuroanatomy as per the revised guidelines of Medical Council of India and health universities across the country, and nearby countries.This profusely illustrated book has been designed in simple and easy to understand language provides essential knowledge of neuroanatomy without extraneous details. Following recent trends of anatomy education, the book in addition to basic information also provides the knowledge through its feature – Clinical correlations.

Ideal for UG and PG entrance examinations, USMLE, PLAB, etc.

• Revised as per the Competency-Based Undergraduate Curriculum and ensured coverage of all the competencies.

• Extensive revision of chapters on Development of the Nervous System, Dermatomes and Muscular Activity, Central Nervous System, Spinal Cord, Brainstem, Cerebellum and Fourth Ventricle, Cerebrum, Basal Nuclei, White Matter of the Cerebrum and Lateral Ventricles, Blood Supply of the Brain, Somatic Motor and Sensory Pathways, Special Senses and Their Neural Pathways.

• Enriched text with newer developments, additional new diagrams, clinical photographs, flowcharts, tables to facilitate greater retention of knowledge.

• Clinical correlations integrated in the text, highlighting practical application of anatomical facts have been modified extensively.

• Additional information of higher academic value presented in a simple way in N.B. to make it more interesting for readers.

• Important facts to remember useful for candidates appearing in various entrance examinations like PGME, USMLE, PLAB, etc.

• Coverage of the competency codes integrated within the text as per new competency-based undergraduate curriculum.

• Addition of neuroimaging techniques for better understanding of the neurological lesions.

• Inclusion of Multiple Choice Questions at the end of the book for self-assessment of the topics studied.

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