Textbook OfOral Anatomy, Histology, Physiologyand Tooth Morphology, 3rd Edition

By K Rajkumar, R Ramya

This handy single-volume book covers the four subjects of Oral Anatomy, Oral Physiology, Oral Histology and ToothMorphology. The contents are presented in a way which is simple to comprehend yet exhaustive in its coverage. Theinclusion of key points, mind maps, multiple choice questions, schematic diagrams and instructions for theprocedure of tooth carving are additional features incorporated in this book. Salient Features • Incorporates a ‘clinical overview’ of the various topics in each chapter to highlight the clinical applications of the concerned topics. • Includes numerous easy-to-understand schematic diagrams. • Key Points and Multiple Choice Questions at the end of each chapter will help students in quickly revising the subject and assessing their understanding. • The appendix on summary of histologic slides with lucid images and appropriate identification points will assist the students in their preparation for practical examinations. • A visual representation of ‘step-by-step tooth carving techniques’, given as online resource and instructions inthe Tooth Morphology chapters will assist the students in their practical sessions New to this Edition: • Three new chapters have been added in Oral Physiology section to discuss oral biology, oral microbiome, oral defence mechanisms, and mineralization dynamics. • Content segregation has been done in MDN format (Must know, Desirable to know, Nice to know) which will enhance competency-based learning. • Game-based learning—Word finder and Unscramble– are included to lighten and enhance the process ofretention and memory. K

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