The Interdisciplinary Handbook Of Perceptual Control Theory, Volume 2: Living In The Loop


Given the fundamental challenges to society in this era, a radical rewrite of how we approach science and culture is necessary. This handbook applies Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) to achieve a much needed convergence across the physical, life and social sciences, the humanities and arts. In doing so it addresses challenges such as mental illness, dementia, cancer care, toxic masculinity and societal oppression. It also reveals how PCT can be applied to practical issues such as understanding healthcare service implementation and human-machine interaction, as well as deeper questions such as consciousness and imagination. This second volume of the successful interdisciplinary handbook offers rich examples of how the unifying perceptual control framework can provide a viable alternative to existing theories and methodologies for a timely paradigm shift.

Examines the relationship between our perceptions, consciousness, and imagination Provides computational and mathematical models for physiological systems, such as human movement, human-machine interaction, and psychological processes such as recovery from mental health problems Presents health as control which leads to game-changing suggestions in designing interventions for health behavior, cancer support, care for dementia, and mental health services Helps readers comprehend goals of teachers and students in education from a PCT perspective to show how educative interactions could be less coercive and foster flourishing The value of PCT is demonstrated in understanding cultural memes and social challenges such as toxic masculinity

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