The Molecular And Genetic Basis Of Neurologic And Psychiatric Disease, 4e

Roger N. Rosenberg, Salvatore DiMauro, Henry L. Paulson, Louis Ptácek, Eric J. Nestler

Completely updated for its Fourth Edition, this book is the most comprehensive, current review of the molecular and genetic basis of neurologic and psychiatric diseases. More than 120 leading experts provide a fresh, new assessment of recent molecular, genetic, and genomic advances, offer new insights into disease pathogenesis, describe the newest available therapies, and explore promising areas of therapeutic development.

This edition features an updated section on psychiatric disease and expanded, updated chapters on human genomics, gene therapy, and ethical issues. Six new chapters cover congenital myasthenic syndromes, hereditary spastic paraplegia, ion channel disorders, the phakomatoses, beta-galactosidase deficiency, and prion diseases. A Neurologic Gene Map describes the chromosome locus of all the genetic diseases and their gene product where known.

The fully searchable online text is available on a companion Website.

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