Transfusion Service Manual Of Standard Operating Procedures, Training Guides, And Competence Assessment Tools, 3rd Edition

By CQA(ASQ) By Holly Rapp, MT(ASCP)SBB,CQA(ASQ)CMQ/OE and Judith Sullivan, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB
This manual provides hospital-based blood banks and transfusion services with process flow charts and procedure documents that assist with quality management systems documentation and regulatory and accreditation compliance. Sections address processes for pretransfusion testing, crossmatching, automated testing, antibody identification, mother and infant, transfusion reactions, issue and return, common procedures, and training and competence assessment. Forms are provided for developing a complete training guide and competence assessment packet for each work process. Accompanying USB drive contains SOPs in Word format for adoption and customization by facilities.

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